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About Boss Mom


Me and my tot, D2.


Hi. My name is Portia and welcome to Boss Mom, a lifestyle and career blog for working mothers. I hatched the idea for Boss Mom while I was out on maternity leave  and pretty much haven’t stopped writing since then.

I know in these About sections I’m supposed to write something witty that will compel you to come back and visit over and over (which I hope you do). So here goes.

About Me.

I’m a marketing executive for a global non-profit organization. I do some executive coaching, speaking and writing on the side which makes my career pretty gratifying.

I’m originally from California but now live in the Southeast with my husband and five-year old son D2. I had D2 at age 40 so I consider myself young enough to keep up with him but old enough to have an opinion on parenting and pretty much everything else.

Dr. D. and D2.

My husband Dr. D. is a clinical neuro-psychologist which basically means he’s really smart.  I don’t dish about my marriage though because actually he’s a pretty cool guy and a great dad and I want him to still pick up after himself around the house.

What I write about.

I pretty much cover the gamut from how to ask for a flexible work schedule, dealing with office conflict and finding a good daycare to my struggles with loss, miscarriage and secondary infertility. Nothing is off limits unless it will embarrass my husband, get me fired or both. Speaking of which, I don’t dish about stuff from my job so for those of you who know me and know where I work, don’t expect any dirt. Ha!

I’m on a constant quest to get back down to my birth weight so I write about fitness and nutrition on occasion. I am big foodie so I’ll also post recipes that I’ve tried out, liked and think are worth sharing.

I’m obsessed with…

I love your comments on my blog.  I’m also grateful for your emails when something touches you, you have an idea for a blog post or you are looking for a little advice. I love partnering with other bloggers and guest posting so hit me up if you have an idea. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I also love TV. Yes, it’s massive time suck and ruins your brain but I don’t know what I’d do without How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, Game of Thrones and Law and Order reruns.

My major faults are…

As hard as I try, I really have a hard time giving up caffeine, sugar and swearing. And truth be told, I swear far too much.

How to contact me.

I’d love to hear from you. Contact me anytime via email at bossmomonline@gmail.com and you can also follow me on Twitter @bossmomonline.